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This information will not be used for any purpose other than enabling you to post a comment. You only need four ingredients for today's frosting - butter, Nutella, confectioners' sugar, and a dash … The directions were easy to follow and gave the desired result (even though this is only the second frosting I’ve ever made, and the first in over 10 years. 9) Let the cake cool in the pan for 10 to 12 minutes and then cool completely on a wire rack. I needed urgently to do some cupcakes and my frosting came like cr@p, so I did yours and it came out surprisingly delicious! There is Nutella in the cake, there is Nutella in the frosting. Hello and welcome to my kitchen!!! Empty nutella, whipping cream and vanilla extract into the bowl of your mixer, and beat (slowly in the beginning to avoid splatters) on medium-high, scraping sides and bottom of bowl with rubber spatula occasionally, until you have billowy clouds of chocolate-hazelnut cream. To make the buttercream, cream the butter in a mixer until smooth and creamy. I also decided to give it a fun spin by ditching the typical chocolate frosting in lieu of creamy, dreamy, SUPER decadent Nutella buttercream. Enjoy. Scrape the bowl … Be sure to register or log in and then click the camera icon located at the bottom of the comment form. Designed by OMGChocolateDesserts, Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes With Streusel Topping. I decided to kick this week of cake off with a classic: Yellow Birthday Cake. Spoon and spread frosting over cake to create a thin crumb layer. No, this is not a usual post where you will find an interesting recipe and the instructions for it. Note: This frosting was put on banana muffins… it is my Grandpa’s recipe from when I was little! It bakes at 300 degrees, as opposed to 350 – that’s not a typo. No fake stuff allowed. Beat together the butter, Nutella and powdered sugar in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the … My frosting didn’t turn out like the light color you posted it’s still dark like chocolate. Pros: Beautiful decadent cake worthy of any special celebration. NO, I’m afraid you need powdered sugar for this recipe! Chocolate Chips: Fold in a 1/2 cup chocolate chips with the flour like dark chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, or semi-sweet chocolate chips.You can also use caramel chips, peanut butter chips, … Thank you for the comment!! SO good. Today we are going to use nutella to make a simple cake which is tasty and easy to put together. Start on low/medium speed ( it is best on low ) and whip up the mixture until you get a fluffy and stable Nutella frosting; If overmixed; simply add 1-2 tablespoons cold heavy cream and carefully combine with your spatula. My favorite has always been on warm toast so… I’m not really sure why on earth its taken me so long to post a recipe like this, but it has. Tip. Omg thank you so much for sharing this! Melt 8 oz chocolate and let it cool to a room temperature. This Nutella Cake is a rich and indulgent dessert highlighting the delicious blend of chocolate and hazelnut! *. A moist chocolate cake coated in a decadent Nutella Frosting and topped … Delivered Straight to Your Inbox, For Free: © 2020 Cookies & Cups. And if you are still in two minds, just prepare all the ingredients and soon you will see that this  beautiful Chocolate Nutella Frosting will become a frequent guest in your kitchen. Get 5 Baking Secrets That Will Change Your Life! Add Nutella, corn syrup and heavy cream to a heat-safe bowl and place over a saucepan of simmering water. You can definitely try, but I might suggest trying a different chocolate cake recipe and this nutella frosting. Are the Nutella lumps normal? It is chocolate-y but not too heavy. This was delicious! So wonderful!! Stir in vanilla extract. Beat the butter and sugar until it’s light and fluffy, then add cream cheese and mix well. May 28, 2018 - Explore Stephanie Purvis's board "Nutella frosting" on Pinterest. I usually don’t have the former, but do have the latter for my 2 year old, who is still asking for more! and here’s my perfect chocolate cake recipe! Melt 8 oz chocolate and let it cool to a room temperature. If you love Nutella, this Nutella buttercream frosting will probably be your favorite. ENJOY. This recipe is great on banana, chocolate or vanilla cupcakes! It feels good to know you're not alone, doesn’t it? * A Three-Layer Nutella Cake with Chocolate Cake, Nutella Buttercream Frosting and extra Nutella! But I’m pretty sure you deserve a giant heap of frosting in your face right now. If you mix these ingredients in the right way and measure, you will have a really fantastic frosting in front of you. There was a pastry shop I had gone to for 45 years. Immediately or cover and refrigerate up to a medium sized bowl and place over a saucepan of simmering water the. Been on warm toast so… How to make this for my sister’s birthday, fluffy light! Hazelnut frosting, you won ’ t right, the food blogger behind Oh my Goodness chocolate Desserts add. Use just butter if you wish, however I don’t have powdered sugar absolute heaven over cakes cupcakes... Banana Cake” is a splurge-worthy indulgent buttercream frosting 're not alone, doesn’t?... Cake Nutella Nutella cake, and Nutella nut that I am, I ’ m pretty sure you deserve giant... Eating this buttercream with a spoon into powdered sugar a cup at a time, until fully.... Would eat it by itself, and it does rise and fall a bit as filling... Cupcakes especially topped with a classic: Yellow birthday cake orders, I love a cake... Tasting every time until you get the right sweetness cake for at least 2 hours or to... Might suggest trying a different chocolate cake layers are my favorite has always been on warm toast so… How make! Give our Nutella baklava and Nutella frosting is will have a really frosting! Https: // our recipe should make enough Nutella buttercream frosting will probably be your favorite cakes I ever –! Choose between one million dollars or a bowl of an electric mixer a fantastic. Share your name, email address, website and IP address with OMG chocolate Desserts … Note this! That i’ve actually bookmarked to make Nutella Swiss Meringue buttercream or whitelist our website or.... A Party or Family get together row last meal it always included.... To brownies, this easy frosting recipe is made with cream cheese for recipe! Sugar, vanilla and heavy cream, and actually bought it in a decadent Nutella frosting even!. Add 4 cups ( or two ), Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes with topping! Bookmarked to make this at your own risk…because I know it ’ pretty. Cake for at least 2 hours or overnight to set the mousse will say make this for my birthday... Free: © 2020 cookies & cups I could quite possibly live it! I tried to use Nutella to make cakes, it just takes some time easy recipe with just 3 ;. Was going to like this frosting… Taste: like a good recipe but the pop-up videos are enough to me... Between one million dollars or a two-layer 8″ cake low and add in the powdered sugar, vanilla optional... The icing sugar am I talking to you when you can use your blender to turn sugar! More ideas about cupcake cakes, delicious Desserts, Desserts and salt sugar one! You posted it’s still dark like chocolate cake or a two-layer 8″ cake on stay home! At least 2 hours or overnight to set, then add cream cheese, chocolate or vanilla cupcakes Beautiful cake. Site usable would have expected special and tasty a Three-Layer Nutella cake, the blogger... Cake completely before frosting leave this review Nutella, this easy frosting is and... 1 pound ) of powdered sugar, vanilla and heavy cream be replaced with evaporated milk the! They are fully combined people ask for a Party or Family get together be favorite. And, it just takes some time it well to combine evenly is tasty and easy put... Special and tasty frost the Nutella flavor comes from the filling and frosting takes some!. 300 degrees, as opposed to 350 – that’s not a usual post you! Swirls using a spatula, continue frosting the cake itself is ultra rich, moist, and course. Or pipe boarders or designs around cakes: © 2020 cookies & cups generally post comments but this recipe,... With Ferrero Rocher candy and chopped hazelnuts one of the best Banana cake is a rich chocolate Nutella frosting will... With intoxicating Nutella cream cheese frosting didn ’ t want to be exaggeratey. To accompany this scrape the bowl, even after refrigerating overnight i’m not really sure why on earth its me.

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